Punctuality and Attendance

“Punctuality is the politeness of Kings.” King Louis XVIII of France The School insists on the students being punctual and regular in attendance, so that they become ‘WINNERS in LIFE.’ It is an established fact that children whose progress in school is unsatisfactory are the same children who are not punctual and are also irregular.

Leave of Absence from School

In case of illness, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, a letter to that effect requesting Leave of Absence must be sent to the School Office. It must be addressed to the Principal. Please clearly mention the class in which the child is studying and the Period of Absence.

A Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner is to be attached to the application in the case of illness or any other Medical Reason for the period of Absence.

Absence Without Leave or intimation could result in the Parents being asked to withdraw the child from the School. Absence without leave for a Unit test or Examination will result in the child getting a zero for that particular subject or for the entire Test or Examination as the case may be.

Fee Rules

Information regarding the current rate of Monthly Tuition Fees, Term Fees etc., can be obtained from the School Office, Fees are to be paid for Termwise.

The staff salaries and establishment expenses of the School are met entirely from the fees that the School receives from the parents. It becomes very difficult for the school to function properly if the fees are not paid in time.

Fees are to be paid in the form of Demand Draft or Cheque (if the parent has an account in HDFC Bank). Also the School has an online Banking Facility through the School Web Site. (