The School Song

Tune (‘Lili Marlene’)

We are the Children of MPS,
Magarpatta Public School.
Where learning is like
A Pleasant Dream
As wonderful as it may seem,
And Excellence the Rule,
And Excellence the Rule.

Esto Lux Radians’
Is our Motto thus enounced.
Our Alma Mater kind and dear
You’ve Moulded us with
Love and Tears,
Your Glory We’ll Enhance,
Your Glory We’ll Enhance.

Our source of Inspiration.
Is Vidhya Prathishthan.
Renowned for its high standards,
Acclaimed by Everyone
For this innovative ‘Shangri La’.
Inspires us to venture far
To Learning’s New Frontiers
To Learning’s New Frontiers.

Our Teachers motivate us.
To strive for lofty goals.
The problems we encounter.
Our questing minds unfold
Mind over matter is our theme
Where Discipline ranks supreme
Never let our Teachers down
Never let our Teachers down.

When we leave this Wonderland.
As our School Days end.
To step into the World so wide,
Without our Staff and Friends,
Our ties precious Alma Mater dear,
We will ever sever
Behold your Children here,
Behold your Children here.